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Pregnancy I Had An Encounter With Mai B.F. He Wtd 2 Av Sex With Me But I Did't Want 2 Cz I Am A Virgin And I Was Scared. So He Tried 2 Force Me In2... Posted Sun 14/08/2016 11:02 by: Judith Bart 9 replies
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Relationships Am Losing Interest In Anything Concerning r\ships. i feel am tired n i want to be alone. Posted Tue 06/09/2016 21:59 by: Judith Bart 6 replies
Pregnancy Hi, is it true that sleeping a lot when you are pregnant may cause problems like giving birth by operation (CS) during birth? Posted Wed 17/01/2018 15:50 by: Brev 6 replies
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Relationships Hey,Am jared i hv agirl friend to marry she was tested positive,am negative ,is their away we can bare children without me infected? Posted Tue 15/08/2017 14:33 by: soera 6 replies
Pregnancy Am pregnant i dont want to abort however my boyfriend wamts me to do so what do l do Posted Sat 10/02/2018 09:30 by: ABCDE 6 replies
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Relationships Hi, Gud morning, I feel so hurt when my partner harass me in public and later he will apologize in private, i ave tried to talk to him ab... Posted Sat 04/05/2019 12:25 by: Oghenekevwe Blessing 6 replies