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Sex why is it that my boy get aroused faster and that when we start to romance he rushes to making love before am even satisfied?? Posted Tue 09/02/2016 10:47 by: cindy 1 reply
Relationships hi adm,,my guy is always horny when i meet him,,i dont like it coz it means we will have to make love whenever we meet,,i have discussed ... Posted Tue 09/02/2016 10:42 by: cindy 4 replies
Relationships I met this guy and we started going out(3years now) unfortunately he cheated on me twice and I left and still came back but it wasn't the... Posted Mon 08/02/2016 11:52 by: aed 1 reply
Relationships Hi Love Matters, For me this is the most crucial question Im gonna ask so far. I have an ex of mine with whom we separated in 2012 for v... Posted Mon 08/02/2016 07:19 by: Trailblazer 1 reply
Sex If u hav a penis(uncut) n u enjaculate early,then u go to hospital to cut ur my question is aftr u have done,wll it help u to l... Posted Sun 07/02/2016 23:10 by: tamala 1 reply
Sex i hear of oral sex hw z it lyk bse i dnt understnd dat term am a virgin en i wud lyk to knw abt it pliz tnx Posted Sat 06/02/2016 23:11 by: prince isaac 1 reply
Relationships My boyphrnd happens to be all gals choice nd he has xo many female frnds and smetymes wen I see him nd sme of his female phrnd I get xo j... Posted Fri 05/02/2016 18:54 by: yetunde 1 reply
Relationships Am pregnant and he harasses me... He pretends to be ok with me being pregnant but the way he treats me is opposite of expectation...He ch... Posted Thu 04/02/2016 23:23 by: Nellie 1 reply
Bodies Hi Love Matters, Can you pliz explain to me this thing of girls reacting differently at different times of the month? Posted Thu 04/02/2016 17:16 by: Trailblazer 1 reply
Bodies Hi Love Matters, Is it that almost all girl's ears are so sensitive? The few girlfriends Ive had all have very sensitive ears. Posted Thu 04/02/2016 17:13 by: Trailblazer 1 reply
Relationships There is a guy i love that i would do anything to have him but he says that he can only love me as a friend, what can i do to have him be... Posted Thu 04/02/2016 14:02 by: jaredmwendediana 1 reply
Sex am a 19yr old virgin can i satisfy a 40yr old sugar mummy coz i luv dem so much.thankx Posted Wed 03/02/2016 23:43 by: prince isaac 1 reply
Relationships I ave noticed that whenever am in a relationship,dere z always a gal of which I dunno maybe to call a rival or not dah z always pestering... Posted Wed 03/02/2016 18:38 by: yetunde 1 reply
Relationships hae I have a gf that we've being together for two years of which the last one year imekua long distance rltionship... like four days ago... Posted Wed 03/02/2016 12:26 by: kingson 1 reply
Sex l would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of masturbation Posted Wed 03/02/2016 11:11 by: dessy 1 reply
Relationships I have a problem in my relationship. my girlfriend doesn't want me to have female friends but with her shez got male friends.whenever she... Posted Tue 02/02/2016 15:58 by: Malachi 1 reply
Sex what someone can use in musterbation?? Posted Mon 01/02/2016 18:58 by: Anonymous 2 replies
Sex What I u do to stop enjaculating fast? Posted Sat 30/01/2016 21:08 by: tamala 2 replies
Relationships What do you want to know? Posted Fri 29/01/2016 09:29 by: felixjuma 1 reply
Sex eroo guyz am in luv wiz agal she told me dat one ov ha is no sex before 5 year, now what can ido to change ha maind? Posted Thu 28/01/2016 00:29 by: Danex 1 reply
Relationships hi guys, i have dated with this girl for 1 year but she didnt have a job so of late she found a job in a different place so we are not s... Posted Thu 28/01/2016 00:00 by: Sejejimy 1 reply
Bodies Does the size of ur partner matters during sex, as a huge fat woman with a slim guy...would that matter in terms of penis pentration? Posted Wed 27/01/2016 18:19 by: Anonymous 1 reply
Sex What could make a man erect during foreplay and by the time the clothes are off its gone or he doesn't erect at all. He says the problem ... Posted Wed 27/01/2016 17:45 by: Bee 1 reply
Sex Why can't my boyfriend make me orgasm Posted Tue 26/01/2016 09:52 by: Maykinly2015 1 reply
Sex i hav agal lover that i hav dated for acouple of months. i hav feelings 4 sex whenever am around her bt i fear to tell her & she ever tel... Posted Tue 26/01/2016 07:21 by: jethero 2 replies