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Relationships Am a lady who's 20yrs nd got a bf who's 27yrs I do love him alot but there's a problem coz he usually underestimates me in most things th... Posted Wed 29/04/2020 17:45 by: Sophy 2 replies
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Sex 1.I am having psychological issues about sex and the size of my penis scared that it might not be the size my partner might like I am act... Posted Sat 25/04/2020 03:35 by: Henrii35 4 replies
Relationships There this woman older than me. We work in the same place. She's married has one kid but her husband is abroad,comes once every year. Am ... Posted Wed 22/04/2020 03:17 by: Mehec18 1 reply
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Relationships My Girlfriend always love it me putting her picture on my profile in WhatsApp but with her she has never put me or in status dp Posted Mon 13/04/2020 17:22 by: Jumah44 1 reply
Pregnancy I used Postinor 2 for emergency prevention about 2 weeks ago and now am having tender breast and my period is 3 days late ,does this mean... Posted Sun 12/04/2020 08:08 by: Maris 3 replies
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Relationships I'm in love with him but I doubt if he feels the same for me. We had a misunderstanding 2days ago and I've been trying for to make amends... Posted Tue 21/01/2020 09:56 by: Maddie 8 replies