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Relationships l would lyk to know the cause of premature ejaculation and its remedies cause l hv experienced this i.e wthin the first 5min during first... Posted Wed 20/04/2016 23:49 by: leliciodenmoor 1 reply
Relationships Am looking for a woman to marry how can I choose one from many but the best one Posted Wed 20/04/2016 20:03 by: danamollo 0 replies
Pregnancy Can a girl get pregnant four days after her periods?? Posted Wed 20/04/2016 19:30 by: Binfik 2 replies
Other Am just new here. Just joined now I have questions to ask but I first want You to welcome me. Regards. ... Posted Wed 20/04/2016 18:03 by: danamollo 2 replies
Relationships Hi guys i ve friend ov mine she z called sharon, she told me dat am abest frd to her she cant love me as aboyfrd coz she tells me much ov... Posted Wed 20/04/2016 17:01 by: hussein Azziz 1 reply
Sex Is it normal when you ejaculate then you feel to urinate? And why does it take so long to erect after you urinate? Posted Tue 19/04/2016 17:12 by: nelson 1 reply
Sex Thanks alot. the issue on the previous quiz is bcoz my wife dont feel lyk doing it again until morning. our sex takes about 10 to 15 min.... Posted Tue 19/04/2016 14:10 by: raymond 1 reply
Bodies What happened when am in the very act of romance that leads to sex when i suck her breast milk will break forth,does it mean she is pregn... Posted Tue 19/04/2016 13:56 by: jamphyloski 1 reply
Sex What kind of infection is it when one starts seeing stuff in her knicker which seems to be in a mucus form, sometimes spoilt milk. Posted Tue 19/04/2016 13:37 by: Asiimwe Eunice 1 reply
Relationships I really don't know what to do! I had love this girl for about three years but she was always insisting that she had a boyfriend. Then I ... Posted Mon 18/04/2016 19:48 by: koech 2 replies
Sex how many times should a man ejaculate during sex? once,twice or 3 times? Posted Mon 18/04/2016 16:18 by: raymond 1 reply
Sex Why does she become so dry after the first round? Posted Sun 17/04/2016 03:02 by: Reen 1 reply
Relationships Hi Love matters, Am asking is it right for your bother in-laws to come to your house on daily basis from monday to monday even when yo... Posted Fri 15/04/2016 15:04 by: Cathy 2 replies
Pregnancy What do you want to know?am 8month pg but i eat stones so much are their having side effect coz i cant stay without eating them adv plz Posted Thu 14/04/2016 18:08 by: jenny 1 reply
Safe Sex What do you want to know?I want to know about my girlfriend's safe days when & who it happens. Posted Thu 14/04/2016 13:07 by: Binfik 2 replies
Safe Sex What do you want to know?Mrng? yes may I know if through you can I get right femal partner for relationship? Posted Thu 14/04/2016 08:36 by: cornelius 1 reply
Pregnancy Hi, am three weeks pregnant and i do not want to keep it so i already took three pills for that but nothing has happened, today being day... Posted Wed 13/04/2016 18:48 by: kendi 1 reply
Relationships I'm in love with my neighbor's niece..i haven't express it due to de closeness of their place..please advice me Posted Tue 12/04/2016 22:56 by: lugonzo 1 reply
Pregnancy my wife is 4months pregnant but she like sex so much that getme worried, is just ok to have sex frequently with her?will this not give he... Posted Tue 12/04/2016 20:11 by: Janam 1 reply
Sex hello, when i am doing sex, when i inserting my penis in her sperms secretes within 2-3 mins. hardly. and penis become loose. it takes l... Posted Mon 11/04/2016 17:38 by: pujariprem07 1 reply
Other hello, a few months before my friend shown me some porn movies. now i am seeing it more frequently. i want to get rid of this bad habit... Posted Mon 11/04/2016 17:33 by: pujariprem07 1 reply
Relationships What do you want to know?relationships Posted Sun 10/04/2016 21:14 by: Pretty Angel 1 reply
Sex how to keep marriage when wife is away Posted Sun 10/04/2016 12:38 by: [email protected] 3 replies
Relationships Hey,em Kent..I just want to know how one can let go of some one is so deeply in luv with but then not be loved in return yet that same pe... Posted Sat 09/04/2016 11:53 by: Kent 2 replies
Relationships I have never been successful dating a girl. I have never been a relationship. please give me some tricks because the girl I love is so ... Posted Sat 09/04/2016 09:37 by: muthat 1 reply