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Bodies What causes a girl to go in her periods two times in one circle and what can stop it not to happen next time but guys u take long to answ... Posted Tue 26/04/2016 11:19 by: Binfik 3 replies
Bodies Please advice me......Is it masturbation risk in life???!! Posted Sun 12/03/2017 18:23 by: Becchio Deaf 3 replies
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Pregnancy What do you want to know?Am almost three months pregnant and iwant a safe abortion. what can i use and how much does it cost? Posted Wed 28/09/2016 16:07 by: Anonymous 3 replies
Pregnancy Someone was using depo and Left, she took almost 6months before experiencing her periods but when she seeked medication she was given tab... Posted Sat 20/01/2018 22:22 by: Nancy Owaka 3 replies
Relationships hi.i need help im confused.i and my boyfriend have known for a very long time during my secondary school days but we were just Posted Tue 25/06/2019 17:06 by: Sassy 3 replies
Relationships in a rltshp wch i thot wil lead t mrrge bt av jst found out tht my b.f doesnt see us together in future...i lav hm n he lavs mi to... Posted Sun 12/06/2016 20:41 by: Joules maya 3 replies
Sex what are the effects of murstarbation and how to overcome the outcome Posted Fri 28/10/2016 22:49 by: derrickjoshs 3 replies
Relationships Hello am confused Wether my x husband wants mi back. He loves my baby so much but he gives me mixed reactions on the side Posted Wed 08/02/2017 21:03 by: shiru g 3 replies
Relationships Hye am 20 I met this guy in social media he admitted he loves me .we met and all he kept asking for was sex right now am in a dilemma I d... Posted Thu 23/06/2016 11:36 by: Audrey 3 replies
Relationships Am damn confused about my partner who has suddenly told me that I should go out and look for another relationship just out of nothing, wh... Posted Wed 27/12/2017 20:52 by: Francey451997 3 replies
Relationships What do you want to know?Myname isIvan am turning 24yrs this yr i hav a son who is 1yr now my prblm is i want to move out of my parents h... Posted Mon 11/01/2016 22:20 by: ivy njom 3 replies
Relationships im in arelationship with agirl who talks to me very well she also says that she loves me n willing to mary me we are ayear in arelationsh... Posted Sat 08/10/2016 22:32 by: chemutai kenneth 3 replies
Relationships i hav a pro of approach'g two girls n class,am new n skul and i really loved 2 hav atleast one,bt they dnt show any sighn of intrest,z it... Posted Mon 05/09/2016 17:24 by: Mutakirwa Denis 3 replies
Relationships My girlfriend change a lots to me. Yes she caught me cheating maybe via my phone chat, I Promise to change so many times but my past rela... Posted Sat 29/06/2019 10:21 by: Ayomide 3 replies
Sex 1 What's the negative of masturbation or what's the positive? 2.when a penis doesn't show foreskin when erect can sex be possible? And to... Posted Thu 24/12/2015 22:37 by: tamala 3 replies
Sex how to keep marriage when wife is away Posted Sun 10/04/2016 12:38 by: [email protected] 3 replies
Relationships hi. if your partner is far from you and u can only meet once or twice a month and time of marriage comes can the marriage work or one par... Posted Mon 11/07/2016 09:38 by: Benny 3 replies
Relationships He has cheated on me twice in a relationship of 5years.should I let him know DAT am aware of the recent girl.or should I just remain cal... Posted Sun 24/03/2019 20:45 by: Presh 3 replies
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Pregnancy Is there a way to avoid stretch marks when someone is pregnant? Posted Mon 09/01/2017 21:05 by: shiks 3 replies
Relationships I have a boyfriend we have dated for 3yrs we love each xo much BT later when everything is ready for getting married I found that he's my... Posted Tue 14/03/2017 12:05 by: Brezel Wanza 3 replies
Relationships Hello am in two serious relationships and could like to end one because I don't love her like I do to the other one Posted Wed 05/09/2018 18:06 by: Wealey 3 replies
Relationships I have dated this guy for 7months now.he has a child but he told me they broke up with his baby mama who he told me now leaves in nairobi... Posted Mon 01/08/2016 00:12 by: claris 3 replies