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Safe Sex Does having sex during periods affect the effectoveness of FP (injection) Posted Fri 12/02/2021 16:51 by: Bp188 3 replies
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Sex Mere pati k dost ki biwi k sath lessbian sex kese kare uske tarike battae mene use Kai baar nangi hote dekha hai to mujhe uski yoni ka ra... Posted Wed 27/01/2021 21:40 by: Mak21 0 replies
Sex Mene kuch din pehle apne dost ki biwi ko nanga dekh liya tha jub wo bathroom main naha rahi thi aab mujhe uski chut main apna lund dal na... Posted Wed 27/01/2021 21:33 by: Mak21 0 replies
Sex So my gf p2 like 28th dec last year after having sex for like three days straight she took p2 but her period delayed so she had to take p... Posted Wed 27/01/2021 17:46 by: DJ_Pj 1 reply
Safe Sex If one gets an ELISA test immediately after completing PEP, can he/she consider the results conclusive? Posted Fri 22/01/2021 14:04 by: gravy254 2 replies
Pregnancy If I had sex 2days before my periods and still get my periods is there a possibility i could be pregnant Posted Mon 18/01/2021 23:46 by: pregnant 1 reply
Safe Sex I might have had risky sex (I might have shallowly penetrated a one night stand as we spooned)....but I used a condom twice that night. M... Posted Fri 15/01/2021 23:17 by: gravy254 1 reply
Relationships Hello,I broke up with my boyfriend for 2 months now and we've been in a relationship for 4 months.i still love him so much and I'll like ... Posted Tue 05/01/2021 07:16 by: Queentanah 6 replies
Bodies My penis hurts when its erect..... Has some discharge and pains when passing urine.... Does it mean I have an STI?! And what's the remed... Posted Mon 04/01/2021 09:39 by: JugHead 2 replies
Pregnancy How much fee are you offering for abortion Posted Sun 03/01/2021 23:46 by: Johnandrew254 1 reply
Relationships Hi i have a gf up now,we've been dating for ten months..she is a campus girl we lived with her at my house 5 months and during that perio... Posted Wed 30/12/2020 03:40 by: TheBigthingsonly 1 reply
Sex Hi I'm 17 years old, doessex hurt for me because I'm too young or my partner is too big for me? Posted Sun 20/12/2020 14:37 by: Victoriakiman 1 reply
Relationships after a major break up i have had flings and even dated but i dont feel anything for the guys and i keep thinking of my ex after i have m... Posted Mon 14/12/2020 13:54 by: dalila 1 reply
Other Vasectomy I want to have it am 31 yes old is it OK Posted Fri 04/12/2020 10:40 by: sky01 1 reply
Pregnancy Want to know if am prengant i play sex and two months ago i didn't see any period and after sex a swallow one pill Posted Thu 03/12/2020 14:01 by: Tamason001 1 reply
Other i had my periods on13th of November 2020 when does my ovulation begin? Posted Wed 02/12/2020 18:01 by: nastanjefelly 1 reply
Bodies Hi if anyone can friend was a virgin nd she got pregnant.we took her to the hospital and she got the pill and they worked for h... Posted Wed 02/12/2020 13:34 by: Diana123 2 replies
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Virginity some ladies tell you that the Virgin but you have doubts whether they are virgins. so my question is how do you determine whether a lady ... Posted Sat 28/11/2020 17:57 by: Christopher 1 reply
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Sex Am a PWD and dating has been hard for me. I have a desire to break my virginity and but i dont know how to ask for it. Are there surrogat... Posted Thu 19/11/2020 15:00 by: Kiwu 3 replies