Posted by Barna

z mustarbating every day healthy coz my freind told me that z addictive to

Hi Barna, thanks for taking time to write to us. Masturbation is scientifically proven to be healthy and safe. Masturbation has its health benefits. masturbation can help one relax, relieve stress and explore their own sexuality. Masturbation does not cause any harm either physically or mentally. Society, religion and others have their reservations about masturbation but whats important is what you feel and believe bout masturbation as a individual. There are many myths about masturbation. Its important to distinguish whats true and whats not. In rare cases masturbation can become addictive. Addiction is when one masturbates a lot of times in a day. could be several times an hour or more. One is considered an addict when they can't handle normal functions without masturbation. when one has to masturbate in order to do normal functions they can be termed as addicted. When one is addicted there are steps they could take to stop the addiction. Here is some more information on masturbation . .

Its is safe way to be relax...