Posted by abiudjuma

Why to ladies cheat on their age (date of birth)?? My girlfriend tald me that she is 20 years only to realize she was 23 year after asking her mum,what can I do ??


Dear Juma,

I couldn't possibly tell why your girlfriend didn't tell the truth about her age, maybe she has some insecurities about her age.

It maybe important for you to find out from your girlfriend why she said she is 20 years while she is 23. This way you will be able to talk about it and probably find a way forward. There is no way of telling what else may not be truthful out of what she has told you. Find a good time and share with her your concern. It may help to approach this from a place of finding a solution and sharing your concern as opposed to accusing her a liar. We wish you well.

Love Matters Team.