Posted by Rusty

When I was in school I used to like a girl I always wanted to be a friend of her but I was so nervous that I couldn't start a conversation then. Now as we are fb friends how can I start a conversation with her.


Dear Rusty,

Starting a conversation can be a bit challenging especially when you do not know how the other person will react. However, having self confidence will greatly help you to approach someone and start a conversation.

The fact that you are friend on FB is a good starting point, You can start by saying hello and see if she will respond to you. If she does keep the conversation simple, you may want to find out what she is doing since you left school. Basically start with non-threatening topics. As you do that, remember to respect her privacy, don't send so many messages to her. If she feels your vibe the conversation will continue. If she does not respect her and move on.

Check out this article on how to talk to someone:-

Love Matters Team.