Posted by kibet sigei

what is supposed to be done to hold back falling relationship. plz advice


Hi Kibet, thanks for writing to us.

When you are in a relationship one goes through different phases and challenges. If you feel that your partner isn't paying attention to your needs the way they used to, you might start worrying that something's gone wrong. There could be another explanation - perhaps they're just very busy with other things. But it could mean that they're starting to lose interest in the relationship.

The most important thing is to always speak out when you notice any kind of change that you feel its not normal or that you are not comfortable with.

It always helps to talk about your needs and expectations of the relationship. Lack of communication often leads to misunderstandings. Letting your partner know both what you want from them and what you can offer could give your relationship a fresh start.

nsecurities may also crop up in unequal relationships where one partner feels he or she gives more than the other. If you're feeling uneasy or unhappy in a relationship, try to talk about it with your partner. Communication goes a long way towards solving insecurities.

Long-term relationships sometimes phase out because both partners have outgrown each other – people change over time, and perhaps you've both been moving in different directions. You might realise that the two of you have different ideas about life and what you want from the relationship.

This could be because you haven't really talked to each other for a long time. Working on your communication could help bring you back together.

So it all goes back to good communication with your partner. If you learn and master the art of good communication it becomes easy for you and your partner to have a good long lasting relationship if you commit to it.


am a bit helped thnks