Posted by ivy njom

What do you want to know?Myname isIvan am turning 24yrs this yr i hav a son who is 1yr now my prblm is i want to move out of my parents house en lyv with the dad of my son bt my mum does not want she claims that am styl a child together wid some of siblins they too dont want bt wat makes me wonder is that my sibling al of them are in their homes moving on with their lyvs bt me they want me to stay at home with my parent the truth is that am tired of this lyf i want to move on with mine en look fr a beta future fr my son plz help me know wat to do should i continue staying with my parent or should i move out plz hlp me


Hi Ivy,
It is such a sweet feeling to move out of your parents’ house and go live with that special person whom you love. It’s always good to get from your parents and siblings what fears they have if you get married. What makes them feel you are too young for marriage? Are there things they feel you need to have done before getting married? Sitting down and having open communication will be necessary.
After the conversation you will have with your parents then it will be up to you to make the decision.


honestly I think your old enough to make decisions for yourself, do what you think is reasonable for yourself and for your son,I guess that's all that should matter to you now
your family on the other hand may have reasons for not wanting you to leave,but it is normal for them to care,and definitely you should try and figure out there reasons


Thank you so much Zahra for that input.