Posted by Cleckine

What do you want to know?Hi am 25yrs of age dude,I dont have any girlfriend yet I normally have great anxiety for sex each & everytime but so I usually musturbate though I dont even get out the anxiety.My query is,how can I do away with this anxiety?Sec,how can I stop the masturbation? Plz help me get out of this I know masturbation brings abt prostate cancer but I have tried to stop but failed totall


Hi Cleckine, thanks for your question.

If you have never had sex its normal to be anxious of the unknown.

You should make your first time exciting and special. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s a really nice experience.

here is only one person who can decide if you’re ready to have sex for the first time: you. Listen to your own feelings and don’t let yourself be talked into anything.

Do it with someone you feel relaxed with. Take time for each other, say sweet or exciting things to each other. You’ll increase the chance that the first time will feel good to both of you.

You don’t have to do everything straight away. Build up the excitement slowly, so you both get aroused. When a woman get’s sexually aroused, her vagina becomes moist. This is important, because otherwise intercourse would hurt.

The first time you probably won’t know quite what you should do. Pay attention to the way your partner responds. Does your partner moan? Does he or she guide your hand to a particular place? These are signs that you’re heading in the right direction! But often the signals aren’t so clear. So talk to each other about what you’d like to try or not. Many people find talking about it really arousing too.

There is nothing wrong with masturbation, it is perfectly safe and it does not cause any harm physically or psychologically. It does not cause cancer, that is just a myth.

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