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What do you want to know?
please dont show my identity..i have been dating this guy for 2 and a half years bt in his previous rshp he had a son bt he told mi about the whole story when the mother of the boy died bcz he wanted the kid to be under his care,,i love him vry much and abt currently pregnant for him bt his past stry is itching my mind, should i quit or go ahead and marry him...please advc mi


Hello there,

I am glad that your boyfriend did share with you his past relationship and the fact that he has a son that he need to take care off. As such he expects anyone who comes to his life, she is expected to accept his son. You have been with this man for more than 2 years, therefore it my hope that you have had time to discuss this and what it means to your relationship. If you still don't feel satisfied or you need more information, you may need to talk to him, share your fears and concerns.

Relationships are built on trust, open and honest communication, and mutual respect, now that you are expecting his child it is important that you have that candid discussion so that you can make an informed decision.

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Wish you well as journey through the pregnancy.

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