Posted by seyifunmi

What do you want to know? I had my first sex at age 9. I'm 24 and I started making attempt for sex late last year(so twice now) but for the two times I've tried,I do feel like a wall is stopping penetration to take place. only the tip do manage to enter and it ll now look like my vagina is extremely thin to take in penis. in the process I feel serious tingling and slight pain


Dear seyifunmi, thank you for reaching out to us. What you are describing sounds like vaginismus which is a condition where the muscles of the pelvis floor contract making penetration quite painful. The condition may occur from time to time, it may begin to occur later in life, it may occur in certain situations, or it may happen throughout one’s life.
The level of pain may also vary from mild to severe and from short term to long term. Vaginismus may be so severe that even wearing a tampon or going for a gynaecological exam is too painful
Vaginismus could be triggered by many issues both psychological, emotional and physical. These include fear or anxiety, trauma like rape or abuse, infections, menopause, inadequate foreplay, surgery to the area, or even as a side effect to medication.
Vaginismus is usually treated through a combination of physical and emotional exercises. If you feel that you may be going through this, have a conversation with your doctor.