Posted by Marynel

What do you do to your guy when he change drastically.... And he is no longer romantic as he used to be and when you ask him the reason for all that he is denying,when i threaten to leave him he is says when i leave him that will be the end of his relationship life that she cannot handle another girl,now am confused because i really love him and it's not easy to leave him but i can't get the love and care i need from him..what should i do?


Hello Marynel,

Relationships do have seasons, there are times everything is running on well and there other days that everything does not go as you want. For how long have you known your partner, is there anything that have changed in his life lately that could affect how he responds to you. Is there something happening in his workplace, what about finances, family?

Perhaps rather than threatening to leave, you may want to take time and have an intimate conversation with your partner. You can decide to have this conversation out in a place that you both feel safe. Listen to him and allow him to express what could be going on and probably you both agree on way forward. check this article on how to talk to your partner;-

Remember healthy relationships are built on trust, love, open communication and mutual respect.

Love Matters Team.