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What are side effects of butt enlargement pills pls need to know?second cn someone marry a man she met from fb


Dear Mercy,

Butt enlargement methods may not work as expected and can even do damage. It is important that you seek medical advice on the effectiveness and it effects before you decide to use or not to.

In this era, where people connect in various online platforms, it is possible to met someone that fits a marriage partner for you. it is perfectly okay to marry someone that you met online, what is important is whether you have met the person physically, you feel you have known that person to the extent that you are ready to commit for marriage. While you may have had a long period of dating on Facebook, it is important that you spend quality time with the person physically so that you can get to know the person better. That way your decision will not only be based on the person you know online but also physically.

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