Posted by Leskee

We've been dating for 4 months and it's a long distance relationship. Each time he comes he stays at my place and does nothing to help financially. Am not complaining but my friends tell me if i he doesn't spend his money on me ,he spends it on someone else. Once he mentioned that it's rare to find a lady who can shelter you and feed you without asking for money so he concluded that i truly love him. Am worried does he love me or he loves the independence in me? Is this love or exploitation?


Why don't you try to not give him money for a while? smiley


To be honest, I find the situation very dubious. I agree that you should try not to give him money for a while and observe his reaction. I hope, though, that it's true love and that he's not actually using you. Maybe he's not a gigolo. I'm also sorry that the relationship from the beginning is a long-distance one. I was luckier than you probably were. I'm actually waiting for you to answer me if you use my advice. I managed to find my soul mate with the help of this site Now I can't even say there's no love. It exists if you know where to look. If to answer how I know it's pure, money will never become a problem for you and me. Because we have "our" budget, and we both get involved as much as we can.