Posted by Loli

There's a guy im in love with and im sure loves me too but he isnt saying anything about dating to me. We behave like lovers abd he gets so jealousy and possesive wen he sees me with other men. Recently another man showed interest in me but i keot refusinv hoping that "my dude" will man up and ask me out but he hasn't. Should i just keep quiet and wait for him or give the other guy a chance. Im scared of loosing the one i love


Dear Loli,

Love can be expressed in various, there are those that talk about their feelings and there are those who will just show you by actions. However they will eventually talk about it. Again you can misinterpret the actions, it may mean different things to you and to the other person. It is always good to talk about your feelings.

There is nothing wrong with a lady expressing her feeling to a man, rather than keeping quiet, talk about it, let him know how you feel towards him. If he shares the same feelings as you then you can plan how to move on, share your expectations for the relationship. It is important to note that, the man may not be feeling the same as you do and therefore be prepared to any response from him. If he says no, pick up and move, don't let it crash you but be happy you had an opportunity to talk about your feelings.

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Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.