Posted by Madhobe Abdullahi

There is this lady whom we work at the same place expressed her love to me early this year,but it reached a point that she told me to give her time since it is now almost five months we have been together what shld i di


Give her time atleast one year


Thank you Terry for the response


Hello Abdullahi,

Relationships at workplace can be tricky and can affect each other productivity levels. It is therefore important when you decide to have a relationship at workplace, you first understand what your Human Resources policy say about relationships at workplace. Also is the person you are having a relationship with senior, junior or are you at the same level. Second, does your relationship affect your work and that of your partner? Third, should you have conflicts in your relationship, how do you handle and ensure it does affect work?

Perhaps, there are genuine reasons as to why this lady want to have sometime off the relationship; talk to her get to know her reasons. Most importantly though, it is to respect her decision to have time.

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All the best.

Love Matters Team.