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Should i forgive my partner for cheating me once and having an affair with another girl bt av noticed and even they have not dated for long but my husband has apologised and said that he will never do it again since it was his first time and his has never cheated on me and this is fifth year together..should i forgive him and trust him again?


Hello Regina,

Finding out that your partner has been cheating on you is not easy. You may experience anger, hatred, guilt, feeling of unworthiness or helpless. All these feelings are okay, what matters most is how you deal with each of them.

Cheating causes a lot of distress in a relationship, it also affects the trust that has been built over the time. While the decision to forgive or not to forgive your partner is yours, it is important to have a candid conversation your partner on this decision. It will be good also to know the steps he will take to build the trust. Most important, time take to heal, dont rush to make any decision, heal then make a sober decision.

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