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Please help...a week ago I found some photos on my girlfriend's phone which they had taken with a man in a lodging ...we have been together for 5 n half years and got blessed with a daughter now 3 years old..even though the photos were of 1 year old It hurts me that she cheated on and all along we've been arguing about the same guy though the conflicts have been on their messaging and at one she h told me they have never slept together and that the last time they saw each other was around 3 years ago..since I found out she doesn't want to talk about it instead she does the blame game.. And doesn't want to accept that she did a mistake and ask for forgiveness... What should I do for her to admit it


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My apology for the late response.

Finding out that your partner has been cheating on you is never easy and it can destroy the trust that you both have build over time. Perhaps rather than blaming each other or wanting her to admit you can have a candid conversation with her. Both of you need to be calm for you to have an open and honest conversation. Discuss the future rather than the past and come up with ways on how to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Check out this article on how to talk to your partner:-

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