Posted by James Olubiyi Babatunde

Please be sincere to response ds article.
People do say is a sin wen u forced ur wife for S*x,when she refused.
But if u have S*x out of weedlock what can we call that.
Please Answer.

Engr Jolames

Dear James,

To define whether forcing your wife to have sex or to have sex out of wedlock is a sin depends with your values. What does your values say?

However, sex in marriage should be pleasurable, no one should force the other person to have sex against their will. If your wife does not want to have sex, talk to her, find out what is going on and both of you address the issue she may be having.

As you decide on when to have sex, you need to consider several things;- are you ready to have sex, are you ready to commit? Do you know the consequences of having sex? Consider this then make an informed decision.

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Love Matters Team