Posted by vickkky

My wife told me that she don't feel like loving me but me I still love her what can I do?


Hello Vicky,

Did you have a conversation with her to find out what is happening? Did you also express your feelings and concerns? For how long have you been married? Perhaps you may consider talking to her, get to know why she feels that way about you and if whatever her concern (s) can be addressed.

Few things to consider as you pan to talk to her. It is important to find time when she is willing to have a conversation with you. Find a comfortable and neutral place where both of you can freely talk. Use "i" statements, this helps you to exactly share your feelings and not blame each other. Listening is also key, this will help you hear and understand what your wife will be saying. Finally remember she can respond to your call or not, therefore be prepared for any response.

Check the article below for tips on how to talk to your partner: