Posted by ALMOHA

My name is Peter. I am dating a lady whose previous relation was unsuccessful. The problem with her past relationship is that her boyfriend used to cheat on her and she decided to quit though she had introduced the guy to some of her family members like her mom and others. She opens to me that she relay loved the dude that she could provide him with everything e.g food, clothes and even financially since he was jobless.It is 11 months since they parted ways and went silent to each other. The dude got a job(police officer) but currently under training and the girl wants me to marry or impregnate her before the guy comes back from the training because she doesn't want his love back. What do I do? please advice.


Dear Almoha,

It seems like your girlfriend is yet to deal with the break up and therefore not able to move on. Hence this may pose a challenge in your relationship as she is still cringed on to the past. Getting her pregnant or marrying her will not address the issue that she currently has, what she needs is to deal with the break up. See this article with tips that you can share with her:-

You may want to give her time to be able to deal with this issue, so that as she gets into another relationship, she is sober and ready to build it. That does not mean that you cannot be friends, but allow her to deal with the past relationship.

Wish you all the best.

Love Matters Team.