Posted by Chanlat

My name is Charles and I'm 25
And I freak out by the idea of sex since I was a teenager ,is it normal or its a problem. Please help


Dear Charles,
Sex is an important part of life and relationships and you should be able to enjoy it. Sex can be described differently by different people; for some it is fun, spontaneous, exciting, and relaxing, but for others, sex is a source of fear and anxiety.

The fear that you are having could be as a result of something that happened early in your life, it could be also you fear the experience. Perhaps, the first step is to identify why you fear sex? Reflect deeply on your past experiences, could it be someone abused you when you were young? Could it be you witnessed people having it and you did not like the experience?

Once you identify the cause, you develop a plan on how and who will support you in dealing with the cause. You may need to see a psychological counsellor for support.

Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.