Posted by jayden

my love had her last day of period on day like monday and then we sex on sunday and now she saying she pregant it that possible?


Hi Jayden, safe days are one of the most unreliable ways to prevent pregnancy, and we really don't recommend it at all. Safe days depend on the length of a woman's cycle. Technically speaking, the first seven days before and after a period, as well as the time of the period, are relatively safe. But,i the case of a shorter cycle (shorter than 21 days), one longer than 30 days, or an irregular one, this will vary. Also keep in mind that sperm can survive for up to five days and longer inside the body- so even if you have sex on a 'safe' day, you can still get pregnant, because the sperm survived until the ovulation date. So you see, it's very inaccurate. And lastly, of course, this won't protect you from STDs. Only condoms will. So we really recommend a more reliable method.