Posted by Janet

My husband cheated on me and now he's sick, am expected to support him and pretend like everything is OK but honestly am dying inside. I feel like I want to divorce him. Am only 27 and feel like I can still find a faithful man ,who will love me and only me . I have lost faith in my marriage and I don't wanna try and fix it, and I don't think I'll ever trust him again or love him like I used to, he ruined everything and nothing will ever be the same again. Please help, anyone


Dear Janet,

I can imagine what you are going through. It must be an experience that is painful as this is not what you expected marriage will be like. Marriages don't always have a smooth journey. Sometimes things go wrong. When cheating happens in a relationship, the trust that has been built over time is damaged. If the issue is not handled well and with wisdom it can break up the relationship/marriage.

Janet, it is absolutely normal to feel the way you are feeling now, however you need to do a self evaluation and decide what you want. What are the pros and cons of staying in this marriage? Are you willing to sort out the issue you have with your husband. If not, what is it that you want to do now? Have you talked to someone about the issue, someone you trust, if not is there someone you trust that you can talk to.

Spending time alone can help as you will have time to think about your relationship and make an informed decision.

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Wish you all the best as you make this important decision!

Love Matters Team