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My girlfriend thinks she is pregnant since she missed her period. It has been 3 days since when she should have had a period. What sre the earliest signs of pregnancy and can condoms fail to work, because we used condoms the last time...


Hello Brian,

First, there are various factors why your girl may have missed her periods, pregnancy is one of them. Other factors include use of contraceptives, stressful situations, engaging in sporting activities, change of diet or weather. Perhaps, she may want to check if there is anything that may have caused the change.

Secondly, missing periods, morning sickness- nausea and vomiting, tenderness of the breast are some of the signs of pregnancy. However to be sure your girl is pregnant, she can take a pregnancy test fourteen to twenty one days after the day she had sex.

Thirdly, condoms when used consistently and correctly are an effective way of preventing unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Therefore, if the condom was used correctly and you have been using it consistently, then you were protected.

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