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My girlfriend and I have dated for nearly 5 years now. 4 months into the relationship I cheated on her with my ex and got her pregnant but told my girlfriend when the pregnancy was 5 months. We broke up for about 3 months then got back. However we have always had fights over me going to see my daughter as she feels insecure.
My daughter is now 4 years and we have been good and I was planning to take our relationship to next level in December. Recently I got a message from my girlfriend confessing that she is 8 weeks pregnant for a work mate who got her pregnant during a team building and they never had anything serious and she regrets it. The work mate doesn't want to take responsibility. She loves me and I still love her and atleast I know she is the woman I wanna marry especially after the time we have been together. She is shocked that I have forgiven her since I feel I can't judge her as I made the same mistake . Am only disappointed that this happened when I was about to propose to her and when our relationship is grown. I want to support her through this time but she feels insecure. I have been abroad for studies for almost a year now and I believe this happened because she misses the intimacy . She is thinking I will still dump her. How do I boost her feelings?


Hello Jonathan,

I am glad to hear that you are willing to support your girlfriend despite the fact she is carrying someone else's baby. This is a good gesture! However, you.may want to consider having a candid conversation with her, find out what she want: do she want to continue with the relationship? Does she want to end the relationship and bring up the baby on her own?

In the meantime continue giving that support.

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