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My girl friend who lives in another town gives me excuces anytym i ask her 2 visit and if i want 2 visit her 2 she gives me the same excuces that her parent is prevent her 4rom both.does this girl really love me or she is just using circumstances 2 cover up?


Hello Afolabi,

This is a tricky one.

On one hand, someone who loves you will spare time to see you. This is because you are one of their priorities in life. On the other, she says that her parents are strict and this may explain why she cannot spare time to meet you. Her parents may be watching her every move; hence, it may be a abit risky for her to go against their will. The conclusion here is that she may be making excuses to avoid you or is afraid of disobeying her parents.

The most important thing is for you to decide whether you are comfortable with being in a relationship with someone who you do not meet. Whether she is making excuses or obeying her parents' wishes, you have to decice whether you are okay with continuing with the relationship under such circumstances. Depending on your relationship goals, you should be able to decide what is best for you and the relationship.

Wish you well.

A happy and fruitful 2017 to you!


Dear Afolabi,

Long distance relationship does work, however it needs both parties commitment to make it work. It could be true that your girl cannot meet you because of her parents and this does not mean that she does not love you neither does she want to get into trouble with her parents.

Relationship are about talking to each other, find out what works for her and how she plans to make the relationship work despite the circumstances. Share your expectations as well and both decide if the relationship will work or not.

Whatever decision you make, ensure that it is an informed one.

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Love Matters Team.