Posted by Vivian12

My friends told me my boyfriend was chatting on me and I went through his messages,I saw the message the girl send to him and the replies,wen I asked him he got angry and said I shouldn't hv gone to that extent and he said he wants to end the relationship. Pls help me I don't know what to do,was I wrong?


Dear Vivian,

Healthy relationships are built on open communication, trust, mutual respect, and honest. When you check your partner's phone based on what your friends told you without his permission, it means that you dont trust him neither is there open communication. Perhaps, you could have talked to him, express your expectations, your fears, and concerns. However as it is, every action has its consequences, perhaps you may consider asking for a time when he is okay to talk to you.

In the meantime, reflect on your actions and see how best you can address the issue. Check out this article for more information:

Love Matters Team.