Posted by yetunde

My boyfriend hides his feelings for me most times,and am nt really sure maybe he is serious with me,how do i know that


Hi Yetunde, when you say he hides his feelings from you do you mean he does not communicate how he feels about you? If so, you need to talk to him about it. If you need assurance about his feelings for you, you can ask him how he feels about you. Another way to tell how he feels about you is by his actions. How does he treat you? Is he caring? Does he worry about you? Does like spending time with you? Does he by you gifts or take you places? These are just some of the ways you can be able to tell how he feels about you. But communication is very important and you should encourage him to do more of it.


so sorry my dear, that's the very situation am in. I mean that guy is just playing around with you. I also have agirl she think we are in a relationship but me I know am not sometimes she ask me how afeel about her but I make sure I dodge that question, so my advice is that u go slow because if he is what I think, time will come when he doesn't even pick your calls