Posted by Jomie Antelle

My boyfriend has been cheating according to what i read on the chats with his friend... I was later told he has two more... I beoke up with him and started moving on within two days after he came back online and found my text he denied everything but for a fact i still love him and I am confused on what to do


Dear Antelle,

It is heartbreaking when you get to hear from other people that you partner is cheating on you. It is never easy to deal with infidelity. From what am getting from your message, you never had a conversation with him, you just left a message and he responded to it. Perhaps you need to plan to have a face to face conversation, let him know what you have heard and give him time to respond. Relationship is about two people, while you may have heard all those stories about him cheating, remember it is about you two to address the issues you have.

How you communicate with your partner is also important, listening while he talks helps to understand and also for you to know how to communicate back. Use "I" statements, for instance you can say, I feel really hurt that you are having other relationships. That way you will have a conversation that does not have blames.

Check out this article that has tips on how to communicate with your partner:

Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.