Posted by Carolinet

My boyfriend broke up with me recently over a petty issue claiming am hard headed, all this started after i got pregnant for him i became moody everytime for my first months of pregnancy n we wld really argue, after i gave birth i became calm again then the arguements started, i had changed for him but he is so dictative abt everything, its like i have to like everything he likes and one simple mistake he gets very angry, after a while thats when he broke up with me, he told me he loves me but he cant continue living unhappily am more worried coz of my baby to grow up without his dad, i am so apologetic but its like he doesnt want anything to do with me, am confused i don know what next step to take. Please help me


Hello Caroline,

I can imagine what you are going through. It is never easy to deal with a break up. Sometimes, relationships go through tough patches; however how you and your partner navigate through either breaks or builds the relationship. Perhaps you need to give him time to cool down, then you approach him and have a candid conversation about the relationship. During this time, reflect on the relationship, how it has been and how you would like it to be. Identify areas that you would like to change for better. Check this article on how to communicate with your partner:

However, be prepared to deal with break up. He may not be willing to make the relationship work. If he is not willing to get back, you can both agree on parenting. The support he will be giving towards his baby's well being. Whichever the decision, accept and move on.

Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.