Posted by Temy

My bf tried penetrating into me but couldn't enter then we stopped cos am a virgin. After 5 hours later, as i went to pee i saw blood. Does that mean am still a virgin


No baby girl,your hymen has been broken


There is no single way to define virginity. There are many different views on who is considered a virgin. To start with, when we talk about virgins, we mostly mean women. Virginity in men isn't very important in many societies. Most of the time, people believe that women who have never had vaginal sex are virgins. To others, even having had genital contact, or anal sex or oral stimulation, means that they are no longer virgins.

The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that virgins were independent of men, which was a good thing to them. Only later did this change to a woman being 'unspoiled' and upholding a family's honour if she got married a virgin. Also, because birth control methods were either unavailable or working badly, staying a virgin meant avoiding to get pregnant outside of marriage.

The hymen is the holy grail of female virginity. It's a very fragile piece of skin at the entrance of the vagina. It's part of the vulva and outside the vagina, not deep within. The hymen is very elastic, so sometimes vaginal sex or even giving birth won't make it tear. And in some women, it tears without sex, for example during a fall or by stretching.

It doesn't take force to break the hymen. In fact, being gentle when having sex for the first time can make the experience more pleasant and avoids pain.It also is a common misconception that a woman bleeds when the hymen is torn.

What we are trying to say is that the concept of virginity changes from region to region and it mainly a social contruct.


Noo he already broke you


Sham thank you for your contribution but as we said, the concept of virginity changes from region to region and it mainly a social construct. According to your social and cultural beliefs, the presence of blood may be a key indicator of broken virginity but it this measure may not apply in other societal constructs.