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Since march of this year my girlfriend stop picking my calls and also stop replying messages, I have tried to see her but she is did not agree and she could say is,she is busy,she is that, have I call with someone else number when she pick when she hear my voice she will cut off the phone, I told my mom about this, my mom went to her house and find out if I have offended her but she said I did not do anything to her I love her so much with my heart, but she is not picking my calls, I have tried and tried and tried to way, and I love her,, I don't know Wat to do, I try to forget her but its getting very hard for me.


I can imagine what you are going through, it is never easy to let go of someone that you really love. Perhaps you need to give her space; you can specify the number of days or weeks you give her and let her know. After that if she is still not willing to talk to you, you may want to consider moving on, however difficult it may be.

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