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M having a discharged but is whitish wat is the cause


Hi Anita,

Women have different kind of discharge depending on their time of the month or if and when the have an infection,

During ovulation women have a clear mucus like discharge. Some time the have a white non odorless discharge when having sex which is also normal secretion.

If a woman has heavy smelly greenish yellowish discharge it might be a sign of an infection. If it is also accompanied by the following signs it could be an STD

Pain when you urinate
Pain when you have sex
Bleeding in between your periods or when you've had sex
Yellow, green, or bloody vaginal discharge
Strong vaginal odor
Itchy labia, vulva, or pubic hair
Anal discharge
Bumps, sores, warts or blisters on the genitals or anus area
Abdominal pain.

If one has any of these signs its best to see a doctor and get treatment as early as possible.

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