Posted by Collinsfred

Love matters, I have a friend and I think I like her but she's in a relationship. We've been friends for months. She comes to my place often, we talk often. Last month I decided to ask about her boyfriend but she won't talk about it. She said it's confidential. And I was asking just to know if they are in good condition or not so that I can know my next move if to ask her out or not. But she's not saying anything about it. What should I do please


Hello Collins,

As you say, this is your friend and she is in a relationship. The simple and best thing you can do for her and your friendship is to respect her decision to keep her relationship confidential.

It is important to know that, she may not be feelings the same as you do. So in case you decide to make your next move, be prepared for any response.

Love Matters Team.