Posted by Krisfayte97

Just got into a new relationship, It's 3months and some days now. We've had sex, but my boyfriend started acting up all of a sudden. Asked him what was wrong he said he was scared of me and scared I might not want a long relationship, he also said he got stds from me which he has treated, told him have had nothing to do with anyone since we started dating, but he doesn't trust me still!!!!!! What do I do. I love him so much and don't think I want it over with him. Thanks


Dear Krisfayte,

It is hard to force someone who does not want to have a relationship with you to love and accept you. However hard and painful it may be, it is important that you respect the decision that your boyfriend has made and move on.

You need to evaluate your past relationship if any, have you had unprotected sex; if yes you may have contracted a sexually transmitted infections and the only sure way to know is to get tested for STIs and get appropriate attention. Also it could be that your partner was passing a message to you, so that you get tested.

Should you decide to get into a relationship in future, it is important that you get to know your partner and your health status. Know his HIV and sexually transmitted infections status. Using protection- condoms correctly and consistently can also reduce the chances of getting infections.

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Love Matters Team.