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is it true that the guy who broke your virginity is hard to forget him in a lady life


yeah coz i find it hard


Hi Brenda, thanks for taking time to write to us.

For most people the first time they do something they consider significant in their lives they tend to remember it for a very long time.

It could be one's first job, first boyfriend or even first fight.

Breaking of one's virginity is no different. Some people consider it as a very significant time in their lives and thus difficult to forget.

Some people don't place so much value to it or the person they were with and therefore might even forget.

Others want to forget it as they might had a traumatizing or bad experience on their fast time with their partner.

But for most people they tend to remember the first time they broke their virginity and the person they shared that experience with.

So it depends with the individual and how much significance they place on the person or the event.


thanks alot