Posted by Ritz

I'm in a relationship...but it's not the same as it was 1.5 years ago..he's busy in his own life.we don't share the same bond as we used to.recently i met someone who really understands me.. gets to know everything about me..whther I'm upset..makes me smile..i started considering him someone who understands me.. sharing things out..but after knowing about me in a relationship he has started ignoring me..his absence in my life is affecting me like hell.. I'm not able to understand what it, infatuation or just some liking for that person..


Dear Ritz,

Relationship requires commitment from both partners to make it work. It also requires a lot of work to keep the fire burning from both partners. And every time, each partner need to remind themselves that they have a responsibility to make it work. When your partner became busy, what did you do to address the situation? Did you two talk about it and the fact that you were growing apart? Does he know how his busy schedule is affecting the relationship? Perhaps, you need to have an intimate conversation with him before you start seeing someone else.

Its human nature that when you lack something in one side, we tend to look for it in another side. However it does not always go as you would have expected or loved. There is high possibility that you started getting emotionally attached to this other man because you lacked it for a moment in your current relationship. But the question is, for how long will it last? What does it mean to me and my current relationship?

Ritz, take a moment, reflect then make an informed decision. As you do that check this article:

Love Matters Team.