Posted by Anitajill

I'm a relationship with this guy for two years now. I always feel controlled and bilittled by him, I even was once physically abused by him. I've tried to break up several times, but I keep on going back. What should I do?


Dear Anita,

Sorry for what you are experiencing in your relationship. No one has a right to abuse you in any way.

Perhaps you should take time and think about what you want for yourself and if that relationship is giving you more heart ache than joy. You also need to ask yourself, for how long do you want to be controlled and belittled. Anita life is about the choices we make, please think through and make an informed decision.

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Love Matters Team.


My God, honey, you deserve a better guy. This shouldn't happen in a healthy relationship, believe me. So, first of all, think about yourself, and understand that the only person that you have for life is - you. So take care of yourself and break up with this freak, you'll certainly find another man who will take care of you. I'm in a great relationship right now. I'm 25 years old and I"m gay, and I found my boyfriend on a dating app - . I feel really happy for the first time in my entire life.