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I'm in a relationship with this girl en im serious with her i love herem and she also claim she loves me,we have been together for 2years now, bt any time i ask her about sex she claims that she's not ready and somtimes ignore. is this relationship really working or I'm juat wasting time and i need 2 marry? .I'm james


Dear Ndegwa,

I am glad that you have been patient for the 2 years of your relationship and that shows that you do respect your partners decision to wait. The commitment to have a healthy and strong relationship is not based on whether you have sex or not. You can have sex but the relationship does not work. The most important thing is whether you both have common goals, interests, are compatible to each other and you are willing to make the relationship work.

When to have sex, is a decision that one need to make when they feel they are ready for the commitment of having sex. Sex also comes with responsibilities, perhaps you need to have a conversation with your girl and find out what makes her not ready for sex. Based on the reason you can decide whether to stay on or leave. But it is important to respect her decision .

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