Safe Sex

Posted by maggy

If my periods starts on a particular week on Friday and ends the following week on Tuesday. So if I have sex the same same week on Thursday without protection will I get pregnant? Or will it be a safe day. Mind you my periods are regular.


Hello Maggy,

Calculating your safe days is not a reliable way of family planning, this is because your menstrual cycle can be affected by many factors including change of diet, environment, stress or anxiety, excitement, and using of contraceptives. When you say that your periods are regular- how many days is your cycle? Is it twenty one, twenty eight, thirty five, or forty two?

There is a process that usually happens mid -cycle- ovulation, this is when an egg is released from the ovaries to the fallopian tube. So for instance if you have twenty eight days cycle, this process happens on the fourteenth day. This will mean four days before and four days after are the most fertile days of your cycle. Please note this process can be altered by many other factors. Check out this article with more information:

If you are sexually active, you may consider using a more permanent contraceptive method. check out this article:

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