Posted by chabz

iam in a relationship but I still lover my ex lover so much, shot doi do?


Hi Chabz, sorry that you had to go through a break up.

Getting over an ex is never easy and it takes time.

You are clearly hang up over your ex which is normal. Sadly you are already in another relationship which might complicate things.

You need to talk to your partner about this. If it goes well she might help you get through this. But there is also a possibility that it might make things awkward in your relationship if she knows you are still in love with your ex. So you need to be careful about how you break this to her.

The most important thing you need to do is take care of yourself. Both physically and emotionally.

Its ok to cry, be sad, morn and stress over it for a bit. This will help you in the healing process.

Sometimes you will miss her and doubt yourself and want to call her. You need to keep yourself distracted and occupied if you are to get through this.

Do not make the mistake of comparing your current partner with your ex, it won't be easy but you need to try your best not to.

This is because comparing your partner with your ex will only ruin your relationship and not build it.

You can make the best of your situation and use your partner as a way to get over your ex, not only as a distraction but also as a base to moving on.

Here is an article on how to get over your Ex, it will give you more tips .

All the best!