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i was sexually abuse by a mature guy in my childhood and my mom saw that but didnt said anything to both.. infct she smiled a lil bit.. why so


Dear Ranvir,

I am so sorry for what happened to you as you were growing up, no one has a right to sexually violate you.

It is my hope that you were able to seek medical and psychological support. If not, you may consider seeking support from a professional counselor. I am sorry that you feel that your mum never cared about what was happening to you, however it is hard to know why she reacted the way she did. Perhaps it was painful witnessing a situation as such happening to you. Maybe it was a smile of pain. I cannot tell you as well why she did not report or take any action. Sometimes people dont take action since they dont know where and who to report to. Sometimes it is because of fear of the perpetrator. Sometimes issues are solved at family or chief level. Whichever the situation though, sexual violence should not be condoned rather be reported and action taken.

Consider seeing a counselor so that you can be able to deal with your past experiences and the feelings that you currently have.

Wish you the best as you heal.

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Love Matters Team.


Sexual assaults, and abuse is a violation of human rights, and offense of the law
Seek guidance and counseling first,coz you
Need to heal first..emotionally and mentality.

Apst Alfrick BIRGEN.


Thank you Alfrick for your response.