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i was in a relationship whereby d guy hot temper nd suspecting ways made me got tired,we luv each other bt he dnt truth me dat made got tired too d extent he hack my phone,the worst part is DAT he hit me sometimes nd he begs me saying it is out of anger,I broke up BT yet he still fight me,calls to insult me. Fortunately am dating som1 who luvs nd respect me nd he too is dating another gal BT yet he still calls nd send text..truth be told I still feel 4 him nd I still dnt Want to loose my present guy am confuse just dnt knw wat do pls really need advise



Sorry for what you are going through.

First you need to know that violence is not healthy for a relationship and where there is violence it is challenging to address any issue you may have. Have you reported the issue of violence to any authority or someone else you trust? If not it is important that you report.

Perhaps, you needed to take some more time before engaging into a new relationship, this helps you to heal from the past relationship, build your self and esteem and be happy about who you are.

Consider having a conversation with your Ex- boyfriend, let him know how you feel towards his communication and be firm on what you want him to do. You can also decide to cut all the communication that you have with him.

Check this article on ow to deal with your Ex:-

Love Matters Team.


Hello, i maybe of a different opinion but its from the experience.From the looks of things you had a long relationship with your ex and now what you are going through might be a rebound relationship thats why you still having feelings for him even with current boyfriend. You should have given yourself enough time to heal before going to another relationship,but what i may advise you,coz still have feelings for each other with your ex,sit down and talk,give it a try,he may have learnt from his mistakes and if you give each other second chances it might be better this time around as you will be better from first relationship mistakes. Why am i saying these,its not that am supporting your ex,no,what he did is wrong,but from experience and seeing many relationship,people come out stronger, you love each other from the looks of things and always love wins. Atleast if he hasnt changed after talking and trying,you will now have genuin and convincing reason that you dint deserve the guy and you better off without him. Try before its too late.