Posted by Real Snipper

I was married but separated with my hubby,I immediatly got into another relationship which we've only spent 4 months together,my new boyfriend wants to marry me but I feel that am not ready for marriage right now,he insist that if we are going to get married really soon then we will have to part ways,I have given him reasons ,why am still not ready but he doesn't want to listen to me,I love him so much and right now am more confused what do I do?


Hello Snipper,

Marriage is a life long commitment, you have being married before so you understand what it means to get married.

If your new boyfriend cares about feelings and your well being, he will listen to your reasons and not force you to get married when you are not ready.

As much as you love this man, you may have to stand firm on your decision, let him know that you love him so much but you are not ready for marriage, if he cares and he is in it for the right reasons, he will give you time until at time when both of you will be ready for marriage.

Lady, do not do something because someone is threatening to leave you. Do it because you love and are ready to commit.

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Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.