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I was drunk n my frnd raped
I lost my virginity, thou I took unwanted72 immediately.
I bleed for 3-4 days.
Now I am worried as my bf dnt knw abt this.
If I do sex again after a gap of 2yr of that incident.
So Will I bleed after a gap of 2yr?
The thing is I cannot say my bf that I am not virgin.


Dear Kaira,

Sorry for what you went through. No one has the right to have sex with you without your consent. Should this happen the matter should be reported.

Forceful penetration can hurt your genital area and this can make you bleed for sometime if necessary measures are not taken, it is therefore important that you seek medical attention for treatment of any injuries, sexually transmitted infections. Seeking Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), is key to reducing the chances of getting HIV infection.

Trauma counselling is important as well, as it helps to address your fears and any other concerns that you might be having. This can help you to open up to your BF and let him know what happened to you. It may take him sometime to accept what happened, it may hurt him or he may feel betrayed, however If cares and loves you, he will take you the way you are. Once you disclose, give him time to come into terms with what happened.

Once treatment of any injuries is done and you recover fully, you can have sex and enjoy it. So take time to heal both physically and emotionally.

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Love Matter Team