Posted by UNICE

I want to stop loving my man because there are days he is so sweet and days he acts like am disturbing his life. am not sure what he feels for me, I try asking but he just plays around the question. what should I do?


Dear Unice,

Being in a relationship can be the best thing, especially when you know there is someone who loves and cares about you. I love the fact that you already know the feeling you have for him and also how he feels about you. Remember that relationships are about love. And love is all about acceptance. Do keep this in mind whenever your relationship isn’t going so well: the reason you are with this person is love.

For how long have you been in this relationship? Did you and your partner get a chance to talk about your expectations? If it is not, it is important to have a talk about your expectations. Because only if your partner understands what you expect from a relationship can your needs be met.

So before you call it quit, find a conducive environment where you can share your feeling and concerns. Check out this article for more tips on making a relationship work:

Feel free to get back to us, should you have any question.

Love Matters Team.